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Like all other single-ply roofing systems we install TPO roofing installs quickly and economically. UL and FM listed assemblies are available for any commercial roofing project need no matter what the roof details are!

TPO boasts one of the thickest top ply’s in the industry making it a highly durable roofing system that delivers a long service life with minimal maintenance costs or cycles.

TPO is available in varying widths of 8′, 10′ and 12′ which reduced the amount of seams required when installing this roofing system. This equates to less labor and decreased possibility of leaking during the roof’s service life.

This lightweight roofing product is ideal for new construction and retrofit installations that avoids adding to much excessive weight to the roofing substrate or (deck).

The durability of TPO allows it to withstand torrential rains, blazing summer heat, arctic freezes and sand! TPO roofing performs well in any environment and even handles roof top foot traffic with ease!

One of the best benefits of TPO roofing is it’s repair-ability! This roofing system can be cut in and seemed flawlessly for expanded roof projects that may require additional expansion of existing roofs.



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