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Minneapolis St Paul Steel Siding

Metal or steel siding comes in a variety of styles, colors, and metals. Often associated with more modern, retro, and industrial building steel siding has come a long way since the days of the more Utilitarian corrugated galvanized steel sheet metal siding we often see on out buildings or barns.

The most common type of metal siding is aluminum and is mostly used for residential applications however in areas prone to severe storms steel siding is far more resistant to damage from wind and hail, making a steel siding product more appealing and cost effective in the long run.

Steel Siding History

In the 1930’s  Sears, Roebuck & Company had been offering embossed steel siding in stone and brick patterns for several years. ALCOA was promoting aluminum in architecture by the 1920’s when they created Spandrel panels which were used for the Cathedral of Learning and the Chrysler and Empire State buildings in New York!

st-louis-steel-sidingIn recent years steel siding has become more prolific in residential applications as steel siding manufacturers began offering products in varying colors and panel styles. Gone are the days of the old farmer John’s metal siding barn!

Steel Siding is Eco Friendly

At Procraft Exteriors we stay true to your ECO friendly vision by using EMCO steel siding products. Ninety five percent of steel is recycled globally and steel has a much longer service life over other metal products like aluminum.

Every job we do has some level of waste that can’t be used during the installation process however, when using steel products all our scrap and waste gets sent to the recycling plant instead of the local land fill. to be recycled and reused in the marketplace.

Benefits of Steel Siding

Steel siding is the most durable out of all other siding products available to consumers in today’s market. When compared to other siding materials steel stand head and shoulder above all others when it comes to durability and service life!

Among metal siding products steel stand up to dents, dings, and bumps better then its counter part aluminum. The only drawback when it comes to steel siding is it’s propensity to rust at the seams due to exposure. However seamless steel siding solves this potential maintenance problem for home owner and contractors alike.




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