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Seamless Steal Siding

Of all the possible siding products available on the market seamless steel siding has some of the best options for home owners and contractor alike. Not only is steal the most durable material available when it comes to residential and commercial siding applications, seamless siding has other benefits over traditional metal siding.

Metal siding typically comes in sections which must be measured and cut to fit the length of the span that it’s being installed on. Most steel siding comes in lengths varying from 12 to 20 lineal feet. The problem with this is that most spans on a home can be over 20 feet in length and that means your metal siding ends up with seams and seams are metal sidings worst enemy!

Which Would You Rather Have On Your Home?


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As you can see from the image the answer is obvious!

Seamless steel siding is custom cut to length on your job site which enables our crews to obtain a perfect fit every time no matter how wide the spans are on you home. Perfectly cut lengths also mean far less waste of materials which enables us to provide more accurate costs when estimating your siding project!

In all other cases where seams are required we must include a 10% to 20% wasted  factor for unused and wasted materials, and these percentages are calculated into the over all job cost and passed on to the customers.

Having seamless steel siding installed on your home minimizes waste and overall costs which can be passed on to our valued customers. Additionally seamless steel siding has minimal ongoing maintenance over siding that has seams due to the potential problems seams can cause.

steel-seamless-siding-st-louisBenefits of Seamless Steel Siding:

MOISTURE PROBLEMS: When installing any kind of siding with seams in it, there is always the possibility in the area of moisture problems. Seams are vulnerable to to moisture penetrating into the seam. This can result in issues with mold and mildew growth in the seam and behind the siding. Mold growth over time can spread into a larger problem resulting in costly mold remediation costs. Seamless steel siding avoids these problems.

SURFACE MILDEW: Steel siding isn’t susceptible to surface mildew growth like vinyl siding can be over time.

WIND PROBLEMS: Seamless steel siding offers higher protection from wind versus siding that has seams. Strong winds can get behind any seam in your siding and even if the wind isn’t strong enough to blow off your siding, repeated high winds over many year can begin to loosen the fasting system of seamed siding which make is loose and more prone to blowing off as years go by. Seamless siding is not effected by this problem at all.

AESTHETICS: Simply put, not having seams in your siding gives an over better and cleaner finished look.

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