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Roof Leak Barriers

Roof leak barriers are an integral part of a complete roofing system and are installed directly to the roofing substrate as depicted in the image to the right. St Louis roof leak barriers - roof leak barriersUsually called ice and water barrier these products provide excellent protection against water infiltration and ice damming that can result from the freeze/thaw cycle during the winter months, including wind driven rain and water shedding around eaves, rakes, valleys, vents, chimneys, and skylights.

These products are engineered for asphalt shingles, wood shakes and slate roof systems.

Roof Leak Barrier offers:

  • Higher Performance: Pliable and flexible poly surface and modified asphalt work in combination to adhere around irregular shape, sharp angles, and inside corners, even during cold weather applications to 40 degrees.
  • Additional Protection: Acts as a waterproofing barrier at the most vulnerable areas of your roof, such as chimneys, valleys, attic vents and other roof penetrations, which creates a second line of defense against roof leaking. For the best protection roof leak barrier products should be applied to the entire roof deck when the roof slope is 2:12 to 4:12 pitches.
  • Aggressive self-adhesive: Roof leak barriers are manufactured to exceed adhesion performance requirements to help reduce the risk of water migration that can result in a roof leak.
  • Safe: Manufactured for excellent traction allows for a safer roof installation environment for our roofing installation crews.
  • Seals tight around nails: Roof leak barrier products are manufactured with modified roofing materials and as such will form a tight seal around nails to prevent water penetration resulting in a roof leak.

It takes more the just shingles to properly protect your home from the elements. It takes an integrated roofing system of components and layers designed to withstand the forces of nature while controlling temperature and humidity inside your home.

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