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PVC Roofing

Commercial, residential, industrial, and even deck and patio applications, PVC roofing is versatile and cost effective in any application. As one of the most cost effective commercial roofing systems available on the market today, a PVC roofing system can be quickly installed by a small crew, keeping installations costs manageable for our customers and roofing contractors alike.

st-louis-pvc-roofingUnlike other single ply roofing systems, PVC is installed with a hot-air welder. This ensures the highest quality seam strength and makes the PVC membrane more resistant to wind blow-off and leaking. Hot air welding fuses seams together and makes them one and depending on the time of year an experienced crew will understand that the hot air welder must be hotter during a winter installation to account for the colder ambient air temperature to ensure proper fusion of seams.

Overall hot air welding of all PVC seams and flashing makes for a longer lasting roof over those that are sealed using torch or glued roofing systems. Additionally hot air welding can be done during the winter months whereas roofing systems that use glue will have trouble because the temperature is to cold for adhesives to work.

PVC roofing can easily be repaired during the winter months as seams can be heated with a hot air, opened, and then repaired and patched as needed, the re-heated again for a perfect leak free seam!



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