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Identifying Hail Damage To Your Property

When your property has gone through a hail storm its rare that your roof is the only part of your home that may has sustained damage. As a matter of fact, if the storm was severe enough to cause damage to your roofing it’s most likely also caused damage to other areas of your home as well. While you may have requested that your insurance company inspect your roof for hail damage, the inspection process should evaluate your property as a whole.


Collateral Damage

hail-property-damage-st-louisOne of the first things a competent insurance adjuster is going to do is begin to inspect the perimeter of your home to look for any collateral damage. The adjuster should closely inspect areas such as window screens, gutters and downspouts, exterior decks, windows sashes, siding, and any exterior elements that are finished with aluminum metal wrapping. Additionally collateral damage can be found on lawn furniture, decorations, exterior doors, and air-conditioning units.

Depending on the materials you insurance adjuster should be looking for dent, punctures, broken glass, cracks, and spatter markings. Metal components that have sustained damage will display soft dents from the hail so your adjuster will discount any metal damage that appears mechanical. Mechanical damage to metal often appears as a dent with lines that are defined by the object that created the hail-damage-vent-st-louisdent.

Your insurance adjuster will be noting all damage found on your property as they inspect each elevation of your home and then lastly your roof is inspected for hail damage.

Roof Inspection Process

st-louis-hail-damage-roof-test-squareThe roof inspection is usually the most critical part of the over all insurance inspection process for hail damage. Roofing systems protect the rest of your home from the elements and if your roof  sustained hail damage it can begin to leak as time passes, jeopardizing interior aspects of your home. First and foremost your roof must be physically inspected to assess if it has sustained hail damage which means that a professional adjuster will know that climbing up on your roof is a necessary requirement of the inspection process.

Your insurance adjuster should begin the roof inspection process by visually inspecting soft metal components of the roofing system. This may include aluminum roofing vents, metal flashing around roof penetrations such as pipes and chimneys. Soft metal will almost always show signs of damage from hail and its good indication that the roofing system as well has sustained some level of damage.

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