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Stone Coated Steel Metal Roofing Tiles and Metal Shingles

Stone Coated Steel Roof Systems, Tiles, ShinglesStone-Coated Steel

Due in part to the increase in severe weather in recent years, metal roofing has become more popular with each passing year. Leading the revolution is a product called Stone-Coated Steel. Stone-Coated steel was originally developed as a system to be installed directly over your existing roof, either directly to the existing roof or on a batten system. When used with a synthetic underlayment or reflective barrier, the system can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home, thus effectively paying for itself over time.

Because a Stone-Coated Steel roofing system is rust-resistant, hail-impact resistant, wind certified and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime limited guarantee, they are advertised as “The Last Roof You Will Ever Need”. So it’s a good thing they are so beautiful and come in so many custom colors and styles. You can choose the perfect roof for your home that will look beautiful and provide your home with a consistent weather barrier for life.

Stone-Coated Steel products are made of premium gauge steel and resemble high-end laminate shingles, tile, slate or wood shake. They are manufactured and assembled in the United States. The metal panels themselves are just a part of the roofing system as a whole. There are many different parts and pieces that go into a roofing system and work together to protect your home from the elements and severe weather. One manufacturer we are certified with has provided these amazing examples of the difference it can make to have a quality product on your home:

2007 Oklahoma Hail Damage to Roof - No Damage to Stone-Coated Steel Roof

1983 Fire in Oakland, California. Homes with Gerard Stone-Coated Steel only houses still standing with little or no damage.Stone-Coated steel products are not the old tin roofs you may have pictured in the past when considering a metal roof. They are not loud when it rains, they are made to resemble in appearance more traditional roofing materials, and they increase the energy efficiency of your home, in addition to enhancing its beauty. Browse through our gallery to see some examples.

Standing Seam

Standing seam is a more traditional looking metal roofing system, but technologically advanced over the old tin and barn-style systems. It’s clean, sleek lines aren’t marred by exposed fasteners. A typical roof will have no horizontal seams at all – the panels reach from the ridge to the eave, thus eliminating unnecessary weak points and possible entry points for moisture.

Standing seam panels are typically made of Galvalume-coated steel, aluminum or copper. The panels interlock along the seams to allow thermal movement – expansion and contraction. Allowing safe expansion and contraction is critical in preserving the integrity of the system. It is important to only work with experienced installers as the system can fail with just a single fastener.

Commercial Metal Roofing

More and more property owners are replacing worn-out, damaged or unsightly business roofs with metal products. It gives the owners and managers one less thing to worry about, while protecting their tenants’ property and business operations from disruption due to a leaky roof. When installed correctly, a metal roof is virtually maintenance free. In addition to the tremendous utility bill savings a metal roofing system can provide for a commercial space, the enhanced appearance of the property can be priceless for the owner as well as the tenants.

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