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Is Aluminum Siding For You?

siding2In most cases aluminum siding isn’t the best option available when considering a siding replacement project on your home.  Today there are much better options available for consumers but if you must have aluminum siding there are several things to consider before moving forward.

Existing Aluminum Siding? Repair or Replace?

If already have aluminum siding you already know that it tends to fade and become chalky as it gets older. This makes it a challenge when it comes to matching colors if your doing a repair or partial replacement.

Another challenge is actually matching your existing aluminum siding by manufacturer by style and color. Older aluminum products may no longer be available at local siding supply houses so your stuck with trying to do a close match or the prospect of replacing 100% of your siding.

If faced with the prospect of not finding a match you’ll have to decide on either repairing the existing siding as best as possible or considering a completely new siding job. Repairing aluminum siding can be a challenge on it’s own as dents, scratches and color fading become problematic when conducting repairs to the aluminum.

Better alternatives to aluminum siding exist today which are steel and vinyl siding products.

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