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11 Warning Signs that You Could have a Ice Dam Problem

Ice damming can turn into a serious problem and is responsible for damage to homes every winter. If not quickly addressed an ice dam can cause interior damage to your home and damage to your roofing system. Ice damming is considered a weather related event so repairs can usually be covered by your insurance, aside from that it’s important to know the warning signs that your home may be experiencing problems with ice damming.

  1. A think blanket of snow that looks like a snow drift at the lower portion of your roof while the snow at the upper portion of your roof is thinner or may have already melted.
  2. Visible shingles on your roof where snow has melted yet other areas of your roof still have snow. (This indicates potential problems with your attic ventilation.)
  3. The accumulation of ice forming (icicles) on the lower edge of your roof.
  4. Icicles forming on attic ventilation systems like roof vents or attic fans.
  5. Ice or icicles present on or in soffit ventilation areas.
  6. Ice has formed on the front edge of the gutter system.
  7. Ice has formed in the space between your fasia and the gutters. (behind the gutters)
  8. You see ice beginning to form on the exterior walls of your home, especially on the north side.
  9. Ice formation on our around exterior doors or door frames.
  10. Ice formation on our around exterior windows or window frames.
  11. Water leakage through door or window frames.

If you think you may have an ice dam problem all us today and we’ll be happy to respond quickly to help resolve the problem and prevent any further damage your home may have!

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